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Watersedge Litters 2018

Australian Kelpie

I am pleased to announce the arrival of Marnie's (Aus Ch. Watersedge Maranoa) litter to BB (Aus Ch. Ringbarka George Black HSAs).

Born 06/01/2018, the litter consists of 3 boys - 2 black and 1 chocolate.

Puppies will be available to their new homes the weekend of 4th-5th March.

Update: *2 black males still available*

Please contact Melissa for more details.


Watersedge Litters 2017

Finnish Lapphunds

I am just a teensy weensy bit excited to announce the upcoming litter for Watersedge.

This litter is my first in 2 1/2 years. My how time flies.

Aus Ch. Watersedge Destinys Child (Beyoncé's) liaison with Aus Ch. Taigakoira Buoremus Davvir PT (Taavi) has resulted with pregnancey confirmed early January 2017.

02/01/2017. I am very please to announce the arrival of Beyoncé's puppies.

A litter of 8 arrived beginning in the early hours with 6 males and 2 females. Sadly 2 of the males did not survive.

Please contact Melissa for more information.

*All puppies from this litter have now found their new homes.*


The puppy fairies have visited us again.

29/09/2017 Aus Ch. Watersedge Destinys Child (Beyoncé) has delivered her second and final litter to Aus Ch. Herding Instincts Herra Watersedge (imp SWE) (Markku).

Beyoncé is the proud mother of 6 - 2 males and 4 females.

Please Contact Melissa for more information.

*All puppies from this litter have now found their new homes.*


Exciting times for Watersedge!

A surprise litter has arrived. Watersedge Luck Be A Lady (Jemima) has delivered a litter of 4 very colourful puppies to Watersedge Written In Stone (Lionel) 14/10/2017.

We have 4 puppies - 1 male (Blue Domino): 3 females - 1 x Lilac (an Australian first), 1 x Lilac Domino (another Australian first) and 1 x Black and Tan female.

Please contact Melissa for more information.

*There is one puppy still available from this litter to the right home. So far we are still looking....*


Welcome to Watersedge Kennels

Thank you for taking the time to celebrate the stars past, present and future that have honoured Watersedge Kennels since its inception in 1994.

Watersedge Kennels was established with the purchase of my first show Kelpie (Aus Grand Ch) Ringbarka Ginger Meggs. Ginger Meggs made his show debut at the Toowoomba Royal Show in 1994 and a star was born!

Primarily Watersedge produced quality red, chocolate and black Australian Kelpies and in September 2008 our first two-tones were born.

Kelpies were an integral part of my early life. My paternal grandmother was a breeder of working Kelpies. My maternal great grandmother bred and showed Dalmations very successfully!

My late teens and twenties were spent on horseback with a Kelpie by my side. I cannot imagine not having this wonderful breed as my companion.

2002 saw the introduction of a new breed for Watersedge - the Finnish Lapphund.

To date, (Aus Grand Ch) Theldaroy Wild Not Me remains Australia's youngest all-breeds Runner Up Best in Show. Laani was also the country's only female Grand Champion, a title she held for many years until recently.

2005 saw the introduction of our first Finnish import. (Aus Ch) Fidelis Haltiatar arrived in quarantine in February with her precious cargo of IID puppies from FIN/LTU Ch Fidelis Alias Amicus. Watersedge was also the first of a small number of kennels at the time to be blessed with cream puppies!

Since 1994, over 30 of my house dogs have been campaigned/trialled to their Australian Champion titles. During this time 3 have also been successfully campaigned to Grand Champion status. There are also several of both breeds who are also represented with their initial Herding Titles which will enable them to go forward into trialling. Many more Australian Kelpies and Finnish Lapphunds have also been campaigned by others to their Australian Champion/Obedience/Herding titles.

There are still those in our kennel to acheive their potential, who have been held back mainly to time constraints over 2012-2014. I hope to correct this with more time available to me in 2015.

I believe in the old adage "a picture paints a thousand words" so please feel free to browse the profiles of my dogs in the Australian Kelpie and Finnish Lapphund Dog Profile pages and view their photos in the Photo Gallery.

Some sites contain a lot more text for you to wade through. I have purposefully kept this as minimal as possible. Feel free to contact me for more detail.

Again welcome to our story and I hope you enjoy the visit.

Puppies of either breed sometimes avaialble as at Watersedge I believe in quality - not quantity. Inquiries welcome.

Contact : Melissa Waters
Location : Mid North Coast NSW, Australia.
Ph : 0414557325
Contact Us via email


***Kelpie Puppies***

2 black males

from Marnie

available now

Contact Melissa

for details

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